About Us

During the early 2000s, Rafael, a seasoned connoisseur of hot sauces, embarked on a journey that led him to cultivate an array of diverse fiery peppers in his home garden within the Chicagoland region. The Scoville scale's fiery heights did not faze Rafael, so his homemade hot sauces were seriously intense. When he shared them with family and friends, they agreed that the flavor was desirable but the spiciness was excessive.

In 2021, during a family gathering, an unexpected revelation occurred as the sought-after samples of Rafael's hot sauce bottles ignited passionate debates among the attendees, leading to a significant turning point. Collaborating alongside his sons, the objective pivoted toward refining his concoctions, meticulously crafting an assortment of hot sauces designed to harmonize with cuisines from every corner of the world. In 2022, they finally nailed it with a habanero hot sauce that's both spicy and tasty.

Presenting Loco Lolo® Hot Sauce, Rafael and his family take immense pride in offering a fusion of varying flavor tiers and heat levels. The future holds the promise of more sauces, as Rafael's family artfully combines a spectrum of peppers and flavors. The moniker "Loco Lolo®" was cleverly coined by one of Rafael's grandsons, capturing the essence of adventure. "Loco," meaning "crazy" in Spanish, coupled with "Lolo," which translates to "grandpa" in Tagalog, encapsulates the bold spirit of a grandfather venturing to create sauces that embrace both fiery zest and unparalleled taste.

Together, they extend a warm invitation to embark on a flavorful journey with Loco Lolo® Hot Sauce, a condiment that promises a captivating blend of taste, heat, and a joyfully addictive essence that will enhance every dining experience.